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Avic Special Materials and other 8 units of the delegation to the company for cooperation and exchange

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On April 29, 2024, a delegation of 8 companies, including AVIC Special Material Industry (Xi 'an) Co., LTD., Baoti Co., LTD., Western Superconductor, Shaanxi Tiancheng, Guizhou ANDA, Fushun Special Steel, Jiangyou Great Wall Special Steel and AVIC International Supply Chain, visited the company for cooperation and exchange. The delegation was led by Tang Chengjiang, Chairman of AVIC Special Materials Industry (Xi 'an) Co., LTD., Lv Shuangfeng, Secretary of the General Party Branch and General manager, Rong Tao, Deputy General Manager, Yang Zhiqiang, Ma Minghua, Zou Yanbo, Vice General Manager, He Yonggang, Deputy general manager of Western Superconductor, Zhang Hailong, Military Products Department of Baoji Titanium Shares, Wang Haijun, general manager of Shaanxi Tiancheng Aviation Division, Qiu Wei, deputy general manager of Guizhou Anda, Cui Hong, deputy general manager of Fushun Special Steel, Yang Zuichun, deputy sales director of Jiangyou Great Wall Special Steel, Qu Xiaobin, international supply chain manager of AVIC and other leaders and 17 people.



The delegation visited the company's enterprise exhibition hall and titanium sponge production line, and had a discussion and exchange. Li Jianjun, Secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of the company, introduced the company's production and operation, project construction, and "14th Five-Year Plan" planning, and introduced the company's technical advantages in detail, especially focusing on the production technology of rotor grade titanium sponge, which can produce titanium sponge for processing aircraft engine rotor components. Represents the highest quality of titanium sponge products. Rotor grade sponge titanium technology automation, high degree of digitalization, full traceability of the production process, product consistency, stability, product with low O, low N, low C, low density, zero defects and other characteristics, to meet the needs of national defense and aviation engine production, China titanium shares layout of global titanium resources, gather global titanium talent, set up global titanium technology, The existing two national research platforms, the National local Joint Engineering Research Center for deep processing of titanium resources and the National Titanium Share Branch Center of vacuum Metallurgy, have successively obtained the "aerospace system certification", "weapon and equipment system certification" and "three standard certification". There are 193 authorized patents, including 53 invention patents. With 10 domestic research institutes to carry out industry-universal-research cooperation, with more than 10 well-known enterprises at home and abroad to establish long-term strategic cooperative relations, fine particle high-quality ultra-soft sponge titanium research and development and industrialization won the international advanced level evaluation, and built a research and development center to enhance the internal power of innovation.



Li Jianjun said that as the world's largest sponge titanium production enterprise, China Titanium Shares actively implement the "customer-centric" concept, adhering to the "product zero defect, quality zero tolerance, customer zero complaints" quality concept, the implementation of total quality management model, in line with the principle of mutual benefit, win-win cooperation, to provide timely, stable and high-quality sponge titanium for downstream customers.

The delegation conducted warm exchanges with the company on industry development, technological innovation, quality control, product personalized demand, cost control and other aspects, and reached a consensus on the next in-depth cooperation. The delegation said that it is necessary to strengthen communication and cooperation in the follow-up, jointly cope with challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve common development.