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Yunnan Guotai Metal Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Longbai Group (stock code: 002601), the world's largest titanium dioxide production enterprise. It was established in October 2019 with a registered capital of 2.196 billion yuan and more than 2000 employees. Its headquarters is located in Lufeng City, Chuxiong Prefecture, Yunnan Province. It currently has three subsidiary companies: Wuding Guotai,...

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Company News


Five years of building dreams and casting brilliance -- The fifth anniversary of Longbai Group's settling in Yunnan and the annual production of 80,000 tons of sponge titanium by China Titanium Shares were held in the company

On May 27, the fifth anniversary of Longbai Group's settlement in Yunnan and the annual production of 80,000 tons of sponge titanium series activities were held in the company. In the morning, the act...

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Industry news


Inventory of Hot Events in the Titanium Industry in the First Half of 2023

1.Successful Commissioning of the First Electric Furnace for the Scrap Resource Utilization Project of Pingshan TianyuanOn November 5, 2022, the first electric furnace for the scrap resource utilizati...

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media coverage


Good news!Two enterprises in Lufeng City have been selected as provincial pilot projects

Recently, the Office of the Coordinating Leadership Group for the Reform of the Industrial Workforce in the New Era of Yunnan Province issued the ''Notice on Selecting and Establishing the Third Batch...

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