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Good news!Two enterprises in Lufeng City have been selected as provincial pilot projects

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Recently, the Office of the Coordinating Leadership Group for the Reform of the Industrial Workforce in the New Era of Yunnan Province issued the "Notice on Selecting and Establishing the Third Batch of Provincial Pilots for the Reform of the Industrial Workforce Construction" (Yunchaigeban [2023] No. 4). Two enterprises in Lufeng City were selected for the third batch of provincial pilots, including Yunnan Guotai Metal Co., Ltd., which was selected as a comprehensive pilot unit for demonstration-type non-public enterprises, and Yunnan Jinrun NC Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., whose "Innovation Leadership, Strengthening the Industrial Workforce" was selected as a demonstration project for non-public enterprises.

Under the strong leadership of the provincial and prefectural party committees and governments and various trade unions at all levels, Lufeng City has deeply studied the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on the reform of the construction of the industrial workforce. In accordance with the "Lufeng City Implementation Plan for the '14th Five-Year Plan' for the Reform of the Construction of the Industrial Workforce in the New Era of Yunnan Province" and the annual work arrangements, the city has focused on the provincial strategic development goal of "3815" and the requirements for building the growth pole of East Chuxiong, strengthening the resource economy and park economy, building a diversified and supported modern industrial system, closely monitoring the key industries for building a strong industrial city, and focusing on the staged goal of "building a reform system driven by provincial pilots and supported by prefectural and municipal demonstration sites". The city has made solid progress in creating demonstration cities for the reform of non-public enterprises in Lufeng. At present, one comprehensive provincial demonstration site, one provincial project demonstration, one prefectural-level industrial reform demonstration park, eight prefectural-level demonstration enterprises, and 13 municipal-level demonstration enterprises have been created. Lufeng City has also successfully been created as a prefectural-level demonstration city for the reform of non-public enterprises.