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Five years of building dreams and casting brilliance -- The fifth anniversary of Longbai Group's settling in Yunnan and the annual production of 80,000 tons of sponge titanium by China Titanium Shares were held in the company

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On May 27, the fifth anniversary of Longbai Group's settlement in Yunnan and the annual production of 80,000 tons of sponge titanium series activities were held in the company.


In the morning, the activities of meeting the production standards were held in Guoti Co., LTD. Zhang Wenwang, Deputy Secretary of Chuxiong State Party Committee and Governor, Lei Langqi, President of Titanium, Zirconium and Hafnium Branch of China Non-Ferrous Metals Association, Yang Bin, Vice President of Kunming University of Science and Technology, He Wenming, Secretary General of the State People's Government, Du Xiaojun, Deputy Secretary of Lufeng Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Shen Haiyan, Deputy Secretary of Wuding County Party Committee and county Governor, Mr. Huang Guofeng, Member of the Standing Committee of Lufeng Municipal Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and deputy Director of the Management Committee of Yunnan Lufeng Industrial Park, Mr. Chen Jianhe, Vice President of R&D of Longbai Group and Chairman of Guoti Co., LTD., Mr. Liu Hongxing of Longbai Lufeng Titanium Co., LTD., and other leaders, as well as Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Kunming University of Science and Technology, etc. China Nonferrous Metals Association Titanium zirconium hafnium branch, Baoti shares, Western materials, Jiangsu Tiangong, Hunan Jintian, Changzhou Steel and other more than 60 in-depth cooperation units, a total of more than 180 people participated in the activity, which was presided over by the company's Party secretary and general manager Li Jianjun.



At the event, Chairman Chen Jianhe reviewed the history of Longbai Group Yunnan Base from scratch, from there to excellent, from excellent to fine. He said that on May 27, 2019, Longbai Group settled in Yunnan, and with the support of Party committees and governments at all levels, completed the initiative of "acquisition in the year, production resumption in the year, and profit in the year", which has become a vivid epitome of the transformation and upgrading of Yunnan's titanium industry, reflecting the speed of Longbai and Chuxiong. After 2020, the rapid promotion of new project construction, especially the digestion and absorption of Western advanced technology in Yunnan and Gansu, respectively, the construction of two 30,000 tons/year rotor grade sponge titanium production line in May this year reached the production standard, reflecting the "national titanium speed", the product consistency, stability, with low O, low N, low density, zero defects and other characteristics. Titanium sponge production capacity reached 80,000 tons/year, production capacity, production ranked first in the world, following last year was named as the world's new unicorn enterprise in 2023, in 2024, and was jointly organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other departments Zhongguancun Forum as China's world unicorn 201st. The holding of the event is a ceremony to sum up the hard work of the past five years, and it is also a launching ceremony to create brilliance in the next five years. In the next step, GuoTI will seriously do a good job of every particle of sponge titanium, provide customers with satisfactory products, and continue to meet the people's demand for titanium for a better life.


Lei Rangqi President of China Titanium shares for five years to achieve a high degree of affirmation, he said, China titanium shares in just five years, has become the world's largest sponge titanium production enterprises, and product quality to meet the high-end field of titanium demand standards, set a good example in the industry. He hopes that China Titanium Shares will continue to give full play to the leading role of leading enterprises and achieve better results in the new quality productivity of sponge titanium.


Vice President Yang Bin, on behalf of Kunming University of Science and Technology, expressed his sincere thanks to Longbai Group and GuodI for their contributions to building a green titanium Valley in Yunnan Province. He said that since Longbai Group entered Yunnan, it has strongly promoted the rapid development of Yunnan's titanium industry, broken through the technical problems of rotor grade sponge titanium, and achieved the leap from running and running to leading, which is the glory of Yunnan Province and China's titanium industry.


Mayor Dou Xiaojun said that the holding of the event is to promote Lufeng City to gather a new engine of industrial development, and is an important measure to build a new industrialization demonstration zone. Lufeng Municipal Party Committee and municipal government will, as always, uphold the concept of "pro-business, love business, respect business, support business", do everything possible to solve problems for enterprises, and make every effort to support the development and growth of enterprises.


Finally, Comrade Zhang Wenwang, deputy secretary of the Chuxiong State Party Committee and governor of the state People's Government, announced that the 80,000 tons of titanium sponge titanium project in Yunnan reached the production standard.



Before the event, participants visited the company's exhibition hall, enterprise technology center, rotor grade titanium sponge production line.


In the afternoon, the technical exchange meeting was held in Kunming. Lai Youchang, the leader of Lufeng City, more than 60 in-depth cooperation units and colleges and universities, as well as company leaders such as Chen Jianjun, Li Jianjun and Ding Sheng attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Dou Xiaojun made a promotion of Lufeng investment promotion, and Guodi made a keynote speech on rotor grade sponge titanium technology. Participants conducted in-depth exchanges on the application status, development prospects and market application expansion of sponge titanium, shared practical experience on the new trends, new technologies and new applications of the industry, and conducted in-depth discussions and suggestions on the difficulties and pain points existing in the sponge titanium industry.