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Korean KPC to cooperate and exchange ideas with the company

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On May 13, 2024, KPC from South Korea visited the company for cooperation and exchange.

KPC visited the company's corporate exhibition hall and sponge titanium production line, during which they had in-depth discussions and exchanges. KPC has gained a detailed understanding of the company's production and operation, project construction, and the 14th Five Year Plan. It highly affirms our rotor level sponge titanium production technology, which has been developed by digesting and absorbing advanced Western technologies. This technology can produce sponge titanium for processing aircraft engine rotor components, representing the highest quality of sponge titanium products. The rotor level sponge titanium technology has a high degree of automation and digitization, full traceability of the production process, strong product consistency and stability, and features low O, low N, low C, low density, and zero defects, meeting the needs of national defense, military industry, and aviation engine production. The two sides have reached a high degree of agreement on cooperation and exchange.