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China titanium shares to carry out reading day activities

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2024 is the year of Yunnan Titanium learning enterprise construction, combined with the global 29th "World Reading Day" approaching, Yunnan titanium carried out a series of activities to create a strong learning atmosphere.

In order to improve the quality of employees and promote the development of the company, China Titanium Shares actively organize learning activities. The list of books has been collected since March, and 296 related books have been purchased for employees to learn and write their opinions. At the same time, the Party members' activity room and staff library, which are open 24 hours, are built to enhance the cohesion of staff. On April 23, the company organized a reading sharing meeting, and employees actively shared their reading experiences. In addition, the company requires employees to learn national and local policies, and the vice minister and above leaders to submit essays and put forward valuable suggestions for the company's development. Through a series of activities, the company aims to cultivate the learning habits of employees and help the company to innovate and develop.